Stop House Repossession

Stopping Repossession and avoid a financial crisis

Facing home repossession can be the most daunting experience. There are many reasons why individuals fall back on mortgage payments and eventually face the prospect of repossession. Costs that keep mounting include your arrears, interest on the arrears, court fees, and solicitor’s costs. One of the best solutions is to stop repossession and clear the debt that continues to build up. If you face mortgage repossession it is important to be honest with your lender. The sooner you inform the bank of your current financial crisis the better the chances of avoiding additional costs. Increasing interest rates after the end of the fixed period is one of the major causes for arrears building up. If you face such a situation it is important to sell your home or opt for refinance prior to the end of the fixed interest term.

Home Repossession and Mortgage Repossession- How we can help

SellorYell are experts in helping thousands of people prevent home repossession. We can help negotiate with your lenders to clear your arrears and buy your home. It doesn’t matter how close to repossession you may be, we have experience in stopping repossession even an hour before eviction. However, it would be advisable to contact us as soon as possible so that you get the best possible deal. Get in touch with us with the details of your eviction notice or court hearing notice so that we can proceed in the right direction. Our goal is to prevent mortgage repossession and inform your lender of our intention to purchase your home and clear any mortgage balance upon completion of the sale. The lender’s solicitors are usually the decision makers in a repossession case so make sure you have the opportunity to speak to them. In addition, get in touch with us as soon as you are aware of the arrears building up. The earlier you do so the better the chances of receiving a reasonable offer price with the prospects of having more cash left after clearing your dues. Besides, it will definitely help in Mortgage Arrears.

SellorYell to the rescue

SellorYell are proud of its reputation built on honesty and integrity. Our transparent approach has helped us build customer confidence while our expertise has helped many people stop property repossession dead in its tracks. After an evaluation of your property we will put forth an offer price. Upon agreement, we will give you a percentage of the offer price and work towards completing the transaction in a timescale agreed with you. That’s how simple it is to Repossession Order with SellorYell by your side. Our team are standing by answer your questions about home repossession and how we can be of assistance. Call us now on free number 0800 434 6605 or feel free to fill in our online application. Alternatively, you can leave your contact details if you want us to call back at an appropriate time. You could be just days away from preventing your home from the unenviable consequences of repossession.

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  • Avoid repossession with Sell or Yell

    The threat of repossession can understandably leave people worried and confused about what to do next. However, by coming to Sell or Yell, you have made the first step in stopping repossession of your house and getting back on the right track. We understand that you will want to stop repossession at the first possible opportunity, and we can make that happen. We can help you sell your house quickly for cash, allowing you to pay off any debts on the property and ultimately prevent repossession. So, if you’re looking to stop house repossession, Sell or Yell can provide a suitable solution.

  • Let Sell or Yell help you prevent repossession

    You may be feeling isolated and alone in trying to stop house repossession, but that need not be the case. Unlike many of our competitors, we are sympathetic to your circumstances and will work closely alongside you to help stop repossession of your property and work towards the best possible solution. Whether you need to avoid repossession immediately or have slightly longer to deal with matters, we can help. We can facilitate a quick house sale in just a couple of days, stopping repossession and leaving you with the cash to use for whatever is necessary.

  • Why choose Sell of Yell to stop repossession?

    Why should you choose Sell or Yell to help you avoid repossession? There may be a few companies out there who offer a similar service to us, but you won’t find anyone who offers quite the same level of service in helping you prevent repossession. We have over a decade of experience in assisting people in stopping repossession and have considerable knowledge of the industry, allowing you peace of mind that your house sale is in good hands. We also provide a guaranteed offer, subject to searches and adversities against the property, so you are more informed as you proceed in stopping repossession of your property.

  • Going further to prevent repossession

    Many companies in this industry may help you stop house repossession, but then leave you with no additional support once the sale is complete. However, here at Sell or Yell, we will help you avoid repossession, but can then also assist in finding alternative accommodation with our Sale with Rent Options scheme. This is a much more beneficial scheme than the Sale and Rent Back options that some other companies offer, as it allows you more freedom and is regulated under FSA guidelines. We believe a service should go above and beyond just helping to stop house repossession, and that’s what we strive to offer.