Repossession FAQs

Will my neighbours know I’m selling my house?

Only if you want them to know. We won’t place large sold boards outside you house. The process can be dealt with discreetly.

How much cash will I get for my house?

We offer competitve prices, and base this on the market value of your property.

I’ve been taken to court by my mortgage lender and they’ve made an order for eviction. Is there anything I can do?

Yes. Call our experts immediately on 0800 434 6605 with details of your circumstances and we’ll tailor our services to your exact needs.

The eviction notice has been served, is it too late to do anything?

No. Call us on the number above and inform the courts of the action you are taking to repay your arrears.

If my house is repossessed, will it affect my credit rating?

Yes. A County Court Judgement (CCJ) will be registered against you and remain there for 6 years. This will make applying for any future finance (including mortgages) extremely difficult.

If I hand my keys back, isn’t that the end of it?

Unfortunately, handing back your keys won’t be the end of the matter. Once the lender has sold your house, if there is a shortfall they can recover this from you for up to 12 years (5 in Scotland). Not only that, you’ll also be responsible for covering the mortgage interest payments until the sale goes through, plus other sale costs (e.g. locksmiths, solicitors fees, surveyors fees, estate agency fees etc.)

The bailiffs are coming to service notice; do I have to get out of my house straightaway?

No, you don’t have to vacate immediately, but you will have to within a matter of days. When they service notice on you, they will also provide you with a form that should be completed and returned immediately if you want to suspend or delay proceedings.

How quickly can you buy my house?

We can buy your home quickly, often in just a day or two. So, whatever your circumstances, its imperative you get in touch with us quickly.

Do you buy properties everywhere?

We will buy any domestic property within England, Scotland and Wales.