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House eviction advice from the experts

Are you in danger of your home being repossessed? Being evicted from your home is not what you would want although the economic downturn has been the cause of many house eviction cases. However, you don’t have to be a victim if you are in a financial crisis and are unable to cope with mortgage payments. When arrears start to build up, things can get out of control where your lender may execute a repossession order. The best thing to do is take every step to prevent Home Repossession is to get in touch with us at Yell or Sell. Numerous clients have sought help from our experts who are experienced in providing the best possible eviction advice. Lenders may extend help to a certain extent but if you were to miss payments once again they would look to obtain a repossession order from the court. While this is always a last resort it is prudent to talk to your lender and see if they offer a revised payment plan. Rather than ignore any correspondence or phone calls, make it a point to communicate with them.

The Options

To avoid your home being repossessed the obvious thing you need to do is clear any mortgage arrears. Explore various avenues from where you may be able to gather funds from family or friends. You may also opt for refinance from lenders or additional restructuring of your original mortgage. However, when all these options fail you could consider selling your house in the open market. This is possible if you have enough time, which could be anywhere from a month to six or more. However, if you already face house eviction you may not have enough time to explore the open market.

If you cannot sell your house in the open market, SellorYell is just the right company to count on to sell quick. In addition to providing eviction advice we can buy your home. Our offer price is usually a percentage of the market value, depending on various factors. The important thing is you get to sell your house quickly. We offer instant cash and are not dependent on mortgage lenders so you can expect the fastest deal from a cash-rich company. After giving you an offer price that is subsequently agreed on, we will speak with your lenders and negotiate on your behalf, leaving you stress free and with the prospects of starting life free from debt.

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SellorYell is a Cash for Property company that can help you prevent repossession. All you need is to call our free phone number 0800 434 6605, speak to one of our experts and receive all the repossession help you need. After evaluating your home we will get in touch with an offer price. If the price is agreed on we will give you a percentage of the offer price and begin negotiations with your lender. Most transactions are completed within a short time frame without you facing the risk of house eviction anymore. For further details, call us now or fill in the online application form. Alternatively, you can leave your contact details and we will get back to you at a time convenient to you.

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  • Help for those facing eviction from Sell or Yell

    If you have been served an eviction notice then it is natural that you will currently be feeling apprehensive and worried about what the future may hold. However, there is help at hand, and Sell or Yell may just be able to offer you the eviction help you have been looking for. For those faced with house eviction or other financial difficulties, we offer the facility to quickly sell your house for cash, allowing you to re-take control of your situation and stop eviction processes.

  • Why come to Sell or Yell for eviction help?

    At Sell or Yell, we are sympathetic to those facing eviction, a characteristic that you may not find in many of our competitors. We have over a decade of experience in assisting those being threatened with house eviction, so you can rest assured we will do our utmost to provide the service you require. We understand that receiving an eviction notice can lead to unwanted stress on you and your family, so we will help you take the necessary steps to sell your house quickly for cash and stave off the threat of eviction. We know how important it is to try and stop eviction at the earliest possible stage, so with Sell or Yell you can get the money together to pay off your debts quickly.

  • Just how do we help those facing eviction?

    All of our services are designed to help people who have received an eviction notice, are worried about eviction, have any other financial difficulties, or are just looking to sell their house quickly for cash. All this is done to the customer’s timescales, so if you need to stop eviction processes quickly, Sell or Yell can provide the solution without the volatility of the open housing market. Everything is done directly through us, so there are no agency fees associated with an estate agent, and we provide a guaranteed offer (subject to searches and adversities against the property), so you can have peace of mind you a receiving the best possible eviction help service.

  • You’ve sold your house to stop eviction. What next?

    Here at Sell or Yell, we are committed to providing the most complete eviction help possible and, unlike our competitors, we will endeavour to provide continuing customer service even after the sale of your house. Alongside our professional Stop Repossession Service, we also offer a Sell with Rent Options scheme, so once you are no longer facing eviction, we will assist in helping you find alternative accommodation. Therefore, you can sell your house quickly, forget about the worries of house eviction, and have peace of mind that we will help you find somewhere else to live. Being served an eviction notice is not the be all and end all; here at Sell or Yell we can help you to pay off your housing debts and get back on the right track.