Court Orders

If you’ve received a court order, don’t panic, you still have time to act by calling our expert team at SellorYell. We can stop your repossession for as little as £199.

The court order has been issued because you have got into arrears with your mortgage payments. As you have been unable to agree any mutually acceptable repayment arrangements, your lender’s solicitor would have demanded full payment before applying to the County Court for Repossession proceedings.

You’ve received a court summons – so what now?

Once a court order has been issued, you will be summonsed to attend a court hearing.

Below is a summary of what you should do and what will happen is you are unable to satisfy the court of your ability to repay your arrears.

Court Order
  • Complete the form with your intentions
  • Detail your income and expenditure
  • Offer evidence to show you can meet your current monthly instalments (if applicable)
Talk to Your
Mortgage Lender
  • Try to agree a repayment structure for the current monthly payments and arrears
  • If they agree, they should agree to a Suspended Possessions Order
Going to the Court
  • Attend even if you are unable to agree repayment terms
  • Attend even if an agreement has been reached with your lender
  • If you don’t attend, the court will have little alternative than to order possession against you
Offer to Pay the
Current Instalment
  • If you want to stay in your home, offer to pay the current instalment and to clear the arrears
  • If the court believe you can maintain this, they will grant a Suspended Order for Possession so you can remain in your home
Possession Order
or Warrant
  • If you default on payment, apply to the court to suspend possession upon payment of arrears
  • Your chances of success rely on the level of arrears, amount of equity in the property, your financial position and whether you’ve defaulted previously

Our promise to you

Even if you’ve received a court order, it’s not too late to take action.

The team at SellorYell are here to help you. Just one call to our experts can remove any worries about eviction and repossession.

Because no two cases are alike, our services can be tailored to your specific needs. Our team will go through the above process for you to help ease the pressure.

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