Quick House Sale FAQ’s

How quick is a ‘quick’ sale?

Basically, as fast as you need it – we can complete in a day, a week, a month… you specify your timescale and we’ll work to it.

Will my neighbours know I’m selling my house?

Only if you want them to.

Unlike selling through an estate agent, we won’t be putting a large ‘for sale’ sign up outside your house.

How much will I receive for my house?

Typically, we offer competitive prices based on the market valuation.

Is a valuation carried out on the property?

One of our representatives will come out and take a look at your home and then provide you with a ‘trade’ valuation. Also and independent valuation will be conducted to ensure it is a fair valuation.

How quickly do I have to move out of my house?

Unlike selling through an estate agent, where you have to vacate your property once the sale is complete, we can arrange a time suitable for you to move out within.

Is the sale of my property guaranteed?

Definitely – you’re not subject to the dreaded property chain when you sell to us. Once a price has been agreed, your sale will go ahead.