Mortgage Arrears

If you fall behind with your monthly mortgage payments you will be in arrears. We can stop any potential repossession for as little as £199.

Every mortgage provider has its own definition and requirements for mortgage arrears, so you will need to check the small print of your documentation.

Your mortgage (or other loan secured on your property) is the hardest to deal with because if you fall behind with your repayments, your lender has the right to take your property and sell it to clear the outstanding debt.

Mortgage arrears process

Once you have defaulted on your mortgage and are in arrears, your lender will write to you asking you to repay your arrears or agree a repayment programme over a fixed period of time.

If you can’t come to an agreement or ignore their letter, they will contact you again with a Notice of Intended Prosecution and can then apply to your local county court.

It is at this stage the repossession process begins.

Mortgage arrears help

If you find yourself in an arrears situation, it is essential you get mortgage arrears advice to work out the best way forward for you and your mortgage company.

Not only that, but it’s essential you remain in contact with your lender, and that means not ignoring their letters.

Talking to them and making them aware of your situation could result in finding help to meet your mortgage payments (possibly through re-structuring). However, one thing is certain, if you don’t respond it will lead to them taking steps towards the repossession of your property.

Our promise to you

Coming up with a mortgage rescue plan, will help you clear your debts.

SellorYell can arrange to buy your home from you quickly, helping you repay your arrears and outstanding mortgage.

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