Preventing Repossession and Eviction

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With more and more people experiencing financial difficulties and maybe even facing eviction or repossession thanks to redundancies, having money invested in property is no longer the wisest option. Those who suddenly find themselves unemployed (and with savings under £16,000) and who live in rented accommodation can seek help to pay for their rent through housing benefit. Those who have a mortgage, however, will not receive any help towards it unless they’ve taken out specific protection insurance in the past. This is because you are deemed to have a significant amount of money tied up in the property, which you should then use to fund yourself when you come into financial difficulties.

However, this is easier said than done. Selling a home can take months, and then you’ve also got the hassle of trying to find somewhere else to live as well. At Sell or Yell we can give you a quick house sale to fit in with your selling criteria. Not only that, but we can also help you to find a new property to rent if that’s what you need.

If you need to prevent repossession then a quick sale will be the only way to do it, bar winning the lottery, of course! Selling your house through traditional routes can often meet with significant delays, or you may even find the whole deal falling through altogether as buyers change their minds. Using our service will give you a guaranteed sale offer that can even be arranged within a few days if necessary.

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