How to make a quick property sale work

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For a quick property sale to push through, you need to find a cash buyer and have a solicitor on hand to attend to the legal paperwork which would finalize the transaction. Of course, you should also be able immediately hand over the keys to the buyer and to move out of your property as soon as the deal is done. More often than not, quick house sales through use of traditional estate companies or agents fall through because typical home buyers do not have the ready cash for a fast purchase. Generally, home buyers apply for and wait for approval of the mortgage they will use to finance the acquisition. A sale dependent on approval of a mortgage loan is a major hindrance if you need to close the transaction fast. Fortunately, Sell or Yell, a resource rich cash for property company, can help you sell property fast at a price closest to its market value to chain-free buyers with available cash. Of course, it can also offer to buy your property directly.

With Sell or Yell, the process that will be followed for the quick property sale is simple and fairly straightforward. All that you need to do is get in touch with the company which will then evaluate the property. Once the prospective home seller make contact with the company, it will send over their professional assessors to evaluate the property. Based on the company’s assessment, it will make an offer which the property owner can either accept or reject. If accepted, an immediate payment will be made by the company which is a percentage of the offered price, then it will set a completion date for the full payment of the deal which is not more than a few business days after the initial down payment. Completion occurs within your pre-agreed timescale with the company and you receive all your funds. The home seller, by dealing with a direct and cash-basis buyer gets to save not only in terms of time but also on estate agency fees and related additional transaction costs.

Sell or Yell is open to purchasing any type of residential property. Whether you own a flat or bungalow, a detached or semi-detached home, an apartment, or a terraced home, the company can make an offer. It can buy houses for cash ranging from those with one to those with eight bedrooms. Each house is unique and will be priced accordingly. However, you can rest assured that Sell or Yell is transparent in its dealings and it will come up with an offer price based on an evaluation that will be as close to the market value as possible. Sell or Yell is a property company that is not only cash-rich but also extensively knowledgeable about all aspects of the property market business throughout the UK. Prospective home sellers can either engage the services of Sell or Yell UK to sell the house quickly at a price closest to its market value to chain-free property buyers with proven available cash, or they can just sell the property directly to Sell or Yell itself. After a fast cash sale of the house, the property firm’s services can also include helping the home seller to find alternative accommodation so that the process of moving out pushes through smoothly and stress-free. Sell or Yell has over 10 years experience in closing quick house sales deals for its clients.

Sell or Yell is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are looking for the fastest way to sell your house or property, with no estate agent fees and associated added costs, then call toll free at 0800 434 6605 or inquire by email at

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