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With the housing market struggling, many people are looking to make a quick house sale that could free up equity that they badly need to pay bills and get through the coming months. The number of repossessions since 2008 have risen at an alarming rate and many people are wanting to not only find ways of selling their house as quickly as possible, but also discover other services pertaining to repossession. Simply accessing a repossession helpline can be of massive assistance since many don’t understand exactly what is going to happen if their house is repossessed. At Sell Or Yell, we have created a home-owner friendly way of allowing people to get the money that they badly need as fast as possible. It is no longer an option to go through an estate agent because of the slow process that could mean that you don’t make vital payment dates. With many estate agents only selling a few properties a week because of the economic slowdown, there is a massive call for services like ours that can get it done a lot faster.

For those who are needing repossession help, we can provide answers to a lot of questions. A repossession proceeding may require you to make a court appearance and it is vital that you attend. Being on hand to answer questions and make your situation absolutely clear will be vital. If you cannot attend, then being able to offer an outline of your position in writing is acceptable. It is not generally required to have a solicitor present, however, and investing in one could be very expensive indeed. More information on the role a lawyer might play is available from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

It is important not to worry and make rash decisions if you are notified that an eviction is to go ahead. An eviction process can be stopped by a quick sale right up to the day of eviction, but it is generally advised that you contact us as soon as possible. The more time we have to understand your situation the better everything will be. We may also be able to find you alternative accommodation or find a way of keeping you in your current property until you can safely move on. All of our staff are trained to deal with people who are struggling with repossessions. It is a very stressful time and it can have a very detrimental effect on those involved.

We have adapted our service to your requirements, which means that we can buy your house from you as quickly as possible or whenever you need. It doesn’t even matter if your mortgage is in arrears, we can still help you so long as there is some equity in the property. This can be of enormous relief for those who have been unable to pay bills for a longer period. At Sell Or Yell we can offer faster sales with higher buying prices than other companies who simply offer Sale And Rent Back schemes.

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