Free Up Cash By Renting

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Owning a house is extremely expensive. As well as mortgage payments, you also have to pay for maintenance and insurance, both of which can add up to a significant amount, particularly the older your property becomes. If you’re no good at DIY, your home improvements will need to be completed by a professional, which never comes cheap. On the flip side, if you rent, it’s your landlord that pays when things go wrong.

If you’re starting to feel the financial burden that many of us have experienced as a by-product of the recession, you might be thinking ‘I need to sell my house now!’ in order to free up some of that much needed equity. However, as we all know, now is not the best time for selling property, particularly if you’re in need of a quick house sale. What the recession does mean, though, is that there are far more great properties around to rent than ever before.

Rather than face paying hefty estate agent fees to sell your home, following several weeks and maybe months of waiting around, we can help you by offering you a quick property sale. We will buy your property for cash, which you can then use to pay off your mortgage or other debts as necessary, and you won’t have to wait around or experience buyers backing out as you might on the open housing market. We can even help you to find somewhere new to rent if you wish through our Sell With Rent Options scheme.

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