Comparing the Five Ways of Selling Your House Quickly

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With the current real estate market nowadays, making a quick house sale Birmingham residents can enjoy good benefits from may seem challenging. Individuals who want to sell their houses as quickly as possible will face several challenges.

Fortunately, interested individuals like you who want to sell house fast Birmingham area have five main options to choose from in this regard. Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of each option with your real estate agent or your solicitor so that you can make a smart decision.

1.  Sell Property through an Estate Agent

In the United Kingdom, majority of homeowners will automatically turn to real estate agents when selling their properties. This is also a viable way to make a quick house sale Birmingham residents will benefit from although it must be said that the real estate agent must be reliable for it to work well.

If you choose a real estate agent, you have a professional who can provide guidance about the market value of the property, market it among potential buyers, negotiate its price in your favour, and facilitate the completion of the transaction.

2.  Sell Property Privately

Keep in mind that selling your property privately has its challenges, from staging the property to completing its paperwork upon its sale, but it also has its benefits when properly done. You can retain greater control over the sale, enjoy lower costs over the transaction since there is no middleman, and benefit from higher price on the property, among others.

But selling your property privately is not for everybody because of the specialized knowledge and skills involved. To sell house fast Birmingham residents usually go for other options.

3.  Sell Property by Going Dual

This may seem like combining the best of both worlds but it is actually not on closer inspection. You have to be mindful of the terms on the real estate agent’s contract and be aware of the OFT Guidelines regarding the use dual of a real estate agent’s services and a private sale website.

Let’s just say that it may look like a fast route to a quick house sale Birmingham residents choose but it can also be a fast route to legal and financial troubles.

4.  Sell Property at Auction

Yet another option is selling your property at an auction but it is not for everybody as well. You will pay high costs for the commissions, taxes and other fees to the auction house, thus, making it one of the most expensive ways to sell properties.

5 . Sell Property Fast for Cash

If you want a quick house sale Birmingham real estate agents will also approve of, then sell your property for fast cash via reliable sites like Sell or Yell. With so many benefits, you will soon discover that it is, indeed, the best way:

  • Sell your house anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days
  • Enjoy benefits not available with other options, such as sell and rent back scheme
  • Get a good price for the property considering the swiftness of the transaction with most seller getting 17% off the open market value of the property

Which one is the best option when you want a quick house sale Birmingham real estate agents also recommend? Of course, it’s the Sell or Yell option!

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